Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine

Taking you from conception to birth

Modern, multi-team obstetric care

As an Obstetrician with a specialisation in Fetal Medicine, I care for, support and guide you from the initial stages of your pregnancy, all the way through to the delivery and post-partum care of your baby.

In this, I am expertly assisted by skilled midwife and breastfeeding teams, who provide additional professionalism, reassurance and support.

Should the need arise, I can also refer you to authorities in related fields, so that nothing is left to chance in ensuring your and your baby’s wellbeing.

In my role as a physician, but above all, as a woman and mother myself, it is my mission to guide, protect and champion your reproductive health, drawing upon not only my personal training and experience and that of my team, but also the additional insight of a wide network of specialist colleagues in related fields.

Tailored prenatal support

When you are expecting, we will meet regularly for prenatal visits at which you’ll learn your estimated due date, hear your child’s heartbeat for the first time and receive ongoing monitoring of your and your growing baby’s health.

Thanks to my specialty in Fetal Medicine, I personally carry out the Down syndrome (first trimester) and Anatomy (second trimester) tests, assessing the anatomy of the fetus at every visit, so that any fetal defects can be diagnosed at the earliest stages. This ensures your pregnancy is always on track, while offering you additional convenience and reassurance.

I will also provide you with nutrition and activity guidelines, explain to you and your partner how to prepare for and what to expect during labour, deliver your baby when it is time, and guide you in feeding and nurturing your infant after it arrives.

For a healthy pregnancy, the frequency of prenatal visits, is roughly:

  • One visit per month, during weeks 4 to 28
  • One visit every two weeks, during weeks 28 to 36
  • One visit every week, during weeks 36 to 40
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Expertise in high-risk pregnancies

If you have had any health problems prior to becoming pregnant or complications arise during pregnancy, I will need to see you more regularly and require you to undergo additional testing and supervision, to manage and offset these risk factors.

Risk factors include the increased chance of birth defects if you are pregnant and older than 35, pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity, as well as preeclampsia (pregnancy-related high blood pressure) and gestational diabetes.

Under such circumstances, rest assured that all of my training in Fetal Medicine at leading centres such as University College Hospital of London and Harley Street, and mentorship by authorities in the field such as Professor Kypros Nicolaides, will be at your disposal.

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Gynaecological Laparoscopy

Confident natural deliveries

While there are certainly cases in which a caesarean is necessary for the safety of a mother or child, wherever possible, my team and I will work hard to help you deliver vaginally, as this provides many benefits that are unavailable with a C-section birth.

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Advantages of vaginal delivery:

  • Your baby receives beneficial bacteria
  • Fluid is squeezed out of your baby’s lungs
  • Your hospital stay is reduced and your recovery time is faster
  • You avoid the risks of major surgery
  • You are likely to breastfeed sooner
  • You are likely to have fewer complications in future pregnancies
  • You decrease your baby’s risk of childhood asthma and obesity
  • You are less likely to suffer from fertility problems in future

I always thought it was very important for me to choose a reputable gynecologist. Christina was always focused and meticulous during the exams but also during the day of the birth in the operating room. Our case was special and she kept us informed and continues to be interested in our child's progress and development. Sensitivity and calm are always on her face. In my case, Christina exceeded all my expectations.

Anna Kourta

Before getting pregnant with my daughter, I had had two miscarriages, so, in my third pregnancy, Dr. Stylianou was extra cautious throughout my entire pregnancy. She examined thoroughly all the aspects in front of her in order to take the most appropriate decisions that would enable me to complete my pregnancy without any problems.

Christiana Koundourou

She offered me a very high standard of medical care. A complete professional with excellent equipment. Especially noteworthy is the fact that, during pregnancy, she is able to offer the specialised tests necessary at the third and fifth months without the requirement for you to have to visit another physician.

Eleni Demetriou

I will always remember the day our son was born. Dr. Stylianou is a supporter of natural childbirth and she has the ability to make the pregnant woman feel she is a superwoman during that challenging time of childbirth. It is natural to feel stressed or worried, but with Dr. Stylianou in the delivery room, you feel empowered and safe, ready to experience the most beautiful moment in your life. Strong, positive and confident, Dr. Stylianou is the best doctor to have during these crucial minutes before giving birth. Needless to say, I cannot wait to give birth to my second baby in a natural way, with her by my side again.

Irene Sofokleous

During the birth, she made sure we had an excellent pediatrician-neonatologist in attendance to care for the baby in the event of any problem. And after I delivered, she took the time to visit us frequently. I am very grateful my baby took his first breath in her arms.

Valentina Panayiotou