Guiding and protecting your reproductive health

As women, our reproductive health requires different dimensions of care at every stage of our lives. The immense physical and psychological changes we experience, demand a high degree of patience, sensitivity and reassurance, in addition to technical knowledge from our health providers, in order to ensure our wellbeing and vitality over a lifetime.

This is especially true if we are to make the most of our fertile years, when our unique biology, and that of our partners, gives us the opportunity to participate in nature’s most miraculous processes… conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

In my role as a physician, but above all, as a woman and mother myself, it is my mission to guide, protect and champion your reproductive health, drawing upon not only my personal training and experience and that of my team, but also the additional insight of a wide network of specialist colleagues in related fields.


Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine

This track focuses on the optimal health and care of mothers-to-be and their baby throughout pregnancy, all the way to delivery and post-partum care.

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Fertility Treatments

Fertility Treatments

These services help couples select the most effective route to getting pregnant, as well as diagnosis and treatment of conditions that may be undermining their fertility.

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Gynaecological Laparoscopy

Gynaecological Laparoscopy

Minimally-invasive gynaecological laparoscopy can be performed for most female reproductive health issues requiring surgery. Benefits also include significantly reduced recovery times.

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Dr Stylianou's knowledge and specialised equipment make her a valuable physician. She also collaborates with several other doctors of diverse specialties so that the most accurate decisions may be taken. The direct communication with her and her secretary, at any time of the day, was an important part of the whole process for me. Also very important was the fact that the doctor herself specialises in prenatal screening.

Anna Kourta

I wholeheartedly recommend Christina to any woman seeking an excellent gynaecologist. She won me by her friendliness and the calm she radiates as a human being.

Eleni Demetriou

Undoubtedly, Dr. Stylianou offers a quality of service that can only be compared to clinics abroad. Knowledgeable, professional, intelligent, reliable - these are some of the adjectives that describe Dr. Stylianou and her work. If you desire the best treatment for you and your family, look no further, Dr. Stylianou is the perfect choice for you. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Irene Sofokleous

I remember being in her office and eating jellies - an obsession of mine during my pregnancy! But most vividly, during a follow-up ultrasound I remember her telling me she was glad that our baby's arrhythmias had disappeared. Not wishing to alarm me when she had observed the issue during the previous appointment, she had simply consulted a pediatric cardiologist independently about what to do next, without making me anxious in the meantime. I am so grateful that, without hesitation, she asked another specialist to ensure my baby was safe, while not leaving me in agony until the next appointment.

Valentina Panayiotou